Artwork (Not Used)

I wanted to make the book A Little different and so decided to get the Prologue illustrated.  Here are the different sketches we made, before we created the final ones

One of the first concept pictures for Ather. Notice the background seems more from today than in the future.









First concept picture for Mr. Prakash. He is wearing a glass device in one eye, a concept we later abandoned because it didn't fit the future world. Notice the treatment of the picture giving an impression of painted with water colour. 
















First attempt to recreate the first page of the Prologue. We left it for it didn't look exciting enough, the background seemed to cluttered.





















This attempt was left aside, for it didn't show enough intensity. The Spiders(drones in the air) didn't seem that intimidating.




















We left this one, because it seemed very cluttered and confusing.























This one was a very exciting concept, for it used a pencil sketch rendition. However, a test print of this didn't live up to the mark.








Initial drawing of Ather. The one on top left was accepted as the face to go with.









Initial sketch of Mr. Prakash. Showed him more muscular than what was described in the book.





















Mr. Prakash again shown in a more muscular form, than what was described in the book.





















Concept designs for the Spider drones. They were changed because none of them seemed intimidating enough,