Central IDEA

a world where you can NEVER get away with a crime AND YOU NEEDED TO COMMIT ONE



It came from a Reality Show


It took 10 Months to develop the Core concept

  • The most challenging bit was - How would the murder happen? Given the constraints of the world. 
  • The answer had to be elegant like in the Minority Report, where they use the excuse of 'Echo' in the end.
  • The realisation came at a food stall, when I saw a deal happen





It took 3 Years to write the book into its current form

  • 1st write had 25,000 words approx.
  • 2nd major re-write has 57,000 words approx.
  • 3rd major re-write had 72,000 words approx,
  • 4th major re-write came back to 54,000 words.



Different Names of the Book


 Cover created by Anshu Binani

Cover created by Anshu Binani





  • Original: The Efficacy of Truth
  • Revised: UN2311W  - White by Chance
  • Revised: Trial of 2091 under UN2311W
  • Revised: The Trial of 2091



Inspirations for Book/ Characters/ Objects inside it



Isaac Asimov and his Foundation Series. It's my favourite series till date, loved his style of writing and his ability to surprise me throughout the book. 





Orson Scott Card and the characters he creates.

SAP – the company I work for at the time of writing this book and all the technology it introduced me too.

Jasmine’s Role and Character

Inspired from a play, where a character, a wheel-chair bound girl, fights hard against her desire to want everything in life, only to realise 'To Want Everything' should be a desire for everyone.

The character did also take inspiration from….Jane Adams as Dr. Megan Eisenberg in Father of the Bride 2 (I know its a chic movie).


Mr. Prakash

Achar Jeevan Prakash – my ex-manager, who is a very thorough, methodical and fair person, and cares enough to give you real advice. 




Hitchackers Guide to Galaxy --- Babel  Fish. 
And from the heavy use of my headphones.








Seven-sense Graph
Even though I had written this as a concept way before I had see the Ted Talk on the right, it did help me refine my idea.



Minority Report, loved the movie, and the little crawlers that roamed the streets.