The Team

A lot of people have helped me write this book. Some of them have spent an extraordinary amount of time and energy on it, I will forever be grateful to them.


That's Me(The Writer) Trying to cook a Masterchef dish courtesy my sister. I am an Asimov fan, and enjoy thinking about the future. This is my first book, and I hope to write many more.













That's Anshu Binani enjoying herself in Goa, India, although with the wrong bottle. She is my chief critic and has fought with me extensively to get this book right.






That's Anjali Chandra, enjoying her holiday in Leh, India. Anjali and I enjoy imagining concepts for stories, movies, books. She has got a fantastic mind and helped me figure the concept for this book. I wouldn't have written this book if it wasn't for her.




That's Karan, at his wedding looking extremely happy. A very talented lawyer by profession and someone who doesn't shy away from difficult questions. He helped me write the Trial inside the book, teaching me about the current laws and helping me figure the future ones.








That's my editor, now in Spain, working and studying with fun. I still remember her first full edit, I could see only red.






That's the illustrator for this book Dipankar Sengupta. A very talented artist, with great listening skills, patience and a great work ethic.  All the artwork you see on this site is his effort. I am very sure in future, he would become impossible for me to afford and establish himself as a leading name in his chosen field.








My publisher in India and their full team, Omkar, Urvi Dutt, Mishta Roy, Rajesh Bale and their CEO Swarup Nanda.